Aziz Ansari’s Netflix special: #metoo allegations and Spike Jonze

Directed by Spike Jonze, the comic leads with the accusations made against him last year, introducing a more contrite Ansari 2.0 Yeah, he leads with it. Important to note that in the canon of blockbuster standup comedians accused of sexual impropriety, Aziz Ansari (Aziz Ansari: Right Now on Netflix, right … right now) does better than Louis CK – whose comeback shows were, as best I can tell, just half an hour of going: “What’s the deal with chicks who don’t like being masturbated at down the telephone?” There is a sombre, show-opening statement about the accusations made against him on last year, how they affected him and the conversations they started. It’s not perfect – and it’s not a whole apology – but it does at least acknowledge the elephant in the room, without shooting it to death with a high-calibre rifle. The conversation around Ansari is complex, but a public statement of remorse is a pretty good start on rehabilitating his image and career. Right, now that’s out of the way: I simply hate