I swore I’d never mention marriage again, but everyone deserves an Instagram wedding | Grace Dent

Those perfectly curated, hashtag-ready photos are so seductive, they practically pull us down the aisle While the traditional requirements of a lifelong marriage – fidelity, eternal selflessness and so on – are deeply unfashionable, getting married in 2019 still feels very “in”. I cried happy tears right through a gorgeous wedding last Saturday, and not just because of my blistered little toe in four-inch heels: it was that heroic sense of hope, faith and love that infuses the room at all good betrothals. Plus merging families, choked-up speeches, in-jokes, all-day drinking and happy guests who’ve scrubbed up nicely. Yes, we live in an age where eschewing one’s “authentic” sexual urges is frowned upon (because you only live once!) and home ownership is so precious that making anyone legally entitled to swipe half of your property feels frankly idiotic. Nevertheless, we are still marrying. (Some are divorcing and marrying again. We continue to be those idiots.) For this, I blame, in no small part, Instagram,