Going to Secret Cinema? Here’s the ultimate Stranger Things playlist

Get yourself in the mood for a night at Secret Cinema’s Stranger Things event with these songs Does any show have music so gleamingly, eerily evocative as Stranger Things? A third season of the Netflix series arrives in July, and its soundtrack composers, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, play their limb-shaking synthesiser themes at Nile Rodgers’ Meltdown festival in August. A Secret Cinema Stranger Things night in November will also give fans the chance to explore the cast’s hometown of Hawkins, Indiana – recreated in a London location – and bathe in the rush of period pop from the show. Just don’t get caught in the Upside Down while dancing to The Cure, if you can help it. The emotional charge of music is essential to Stranger Things. Even before its directors, the Duffer brothers, approached them to soundtrack the show, Dixon and Stein of Texan electronic band Survive collected old synthesisers and loved unusual films. They already made their music on machines whose very mention prompts blood pressure spikes