Three years after Moonlight, why are awards shows still so white?

The 2017 best picture win seemed to herald a new era of diversity. But, judging by this year’s Bafta and Oscar nominations, not much has changed When, in February 2017, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway first announced the winner of the Academy Award for best picture, it was a brief peek into an alternate reality. Somewhere, in a parallel universe, our mirror selves are continuing to live along the timeline where La La Land – a perfectly charming, self-congratulatory musical about two attractive, white heterosexuals – won the Oscar. A moment later, however, nervous men in tuxedos began to mill on stage, envelopes were swapped around and we were returned to our current timeline. Now we live in this reality, the one where Moonlight , a black, gay, coming-of-age story won the best picture Oscar in 2017 , signalling a new dawn of industry recognition for marginalised film-makers and their stories. Or do we? The nominee lists for major film awards in 2020 have, once again, dazzled with their gleaming whiteness. Not a