Labour’s hierarchy should be full of shame – but they just sound smug | Nick Cohen

Last week’s report into Labour’s election loss proves Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes are in denial The central aim of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters is not to control the British government but to control the British left. If they meant what they said about hating Tories, they would be ashamed to have given them another five years in power. If their sobs and sighs and heartfelt cries about their “passionate” commitment to social justice were sincere, then their political failure would have led them to hide themselves away. Last week, in the face of all evidence, the Labour hierarchy said, in its official report into the election, that defeat could not be blamed on Corbyn and his policies. Like a malfunctioning Dalek, the left can carry on vowing to exterminate conservatives and centrists, oblivious to the fact that the war is lost and they lost it. Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon do not explain how they can succeed where Corbyn and John McDonnell failed. More pertinently, they don’t appear to understand