Beauty Laid Bare review – the ugly secrets in your makeup bag

The cosmetics industry is booming, but – as four young people discover in this unsettling series – beneath its glossy surface is a world of waste, hazards and questionable morals Kenneth Senegal, a beauty vlogger, is rubbing his hands gleefully, eyes sparkling beneath bright red eyeshadow. He’s talking money. For a small mention of a cosmetics brand in one of his YouTube videos, he would charge $3,000 (£2,260). For a “dedicated video”, it would be more like $14,000. Once his subscriber numbers go up, and with them the number of views on his videos, “I could get, like, $20,000.” Good for him, I suppose. But also, isn’t this extraordinary? In the first of this three-part BBC Three documentary, four young people are investigating the beauty industry, which has seen huge levels of growth in recent years. Beneath the glossy surface, it’s pretty grim. Chloe, a makeup artist and influencer from Belfast, and Casey, who thinks men are under-represented in the beauty business, seem the most invested and impressed with