For Labour, electability doesn’t mean becoming ‘more Tory’ | Lorna Finlayson

The leadership candidates must realise there’s no evidence that Labour lost the election because of its leftwing policies Fancy getting one over on your enemies? Find out what they’re most afraid of. As the Labour party moves ever closer to choosing its next leader , this ostensibly pragmatic logic has shaped the discussion around the “electability” of the various candidates. What the Tories fear most, one would presume, is a Labour leader who can defeat them in a general election. Hence, according to this logic, Labour should choose the candidate most feared by the Tories in order to maximise the party’s chances of victory at the next general election. It sounds simple. But there has so far been little agreement on which of the contenders is best qualified for the role of Tory-slayer. Questioned by Sky News host Kay Burley days after December’s general election defeat, Tory MP Nigel Evans named Lisa Nandy as the candidate he would be “most concerned about” facing next time. Earlier this month, politics