‘A priceless time at home’: Australia's Alex Carey takes positives from lockdown life | Scott Heinrich

After a intensive couple of years, the wicketkeeper is making the most of an enforced break but hopes to be back in action at the T20 World Cup There are lots of things we should be doing right now. For those of us fortunate enough to still be working, public freedoms like socialising would register high on the list. For those whose livelihoods have been hit by the coronavirus outbreak, clocking on for an honest day’s work would be top of the tops. While the financial hardships of high-earning sportspeople might draw no more than a roll of the eyes from most, they are still mired in the same predicament: isolated, with more time than is wanted to wonder when this all might end. Australia’s men’s cricket team are no different. The chosen few should be playing in the Indian Premier League right now. The Test team should be thinking about their tour of Bangladesh in June. The jamboree on the horizon, the T20 World Cup, is something that should have us all panting like Pavlov’s dog. In place of all this,