Ask Moeen: the England all-rounder answers Guardian readers' questions

Moeen Ali shares his views on Test cricket, the club game and Vikram Solanki getting his foot lodged in a wall What do you think about the future of Test cricket? Do we need to shorten it or produce more sporting pitches? (Nasih Ul Wadud Alam, ) I don’t think we need to shorten Test cricket and the wickets are actually pretty sporting these days. The key is to avoid extremes. The best pitches have a bit of seam and a bit of spin but are good to bat on too. Being so elegant and seemingly effortless at batting, do you find that people think you are not trying when you are in a bad run of form? (Jack Counsell ) For sure. But that’s been the case since I was young. If I got out people would say it was a lazy shot or I wasn’t interested. I am interested, it’s just my style and it looks like that. I feel like anyone else on the inside, and commit to shots the same. But I think commentators understand it more these days. Someone like David Gower moving into the commentary box probably helped. He almost gave players