Germany is cautiously starting to ease its lockdown – but it's harder than it looks | Peter Kuras

Relaxation measures for schools have been criticised from all sides The coronavirus has been kind to Germany’s political elite. After years of bleeding votes to the Alternative für Deutschland on the right and the Greens on the left, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union has finally started to see rising approval ratings . It’s easy to see why. The country’s lockdown was enacted relatively swiftly and presented clearly , its testing programme has been unparalleled in the western world and its healthcare system has proven far more robust than those of neighbouring countries. Now, however, with the virus seemingly in retreat and parts of Europe tentatively easing out of lockdown, tensions are beginning to show, and Germans may soon look back on the quarantine with a kind of nostalgia. The most immediate cause of contention has been a report by the Leopoldina, Germany’s National Academy of Sciences. The report , which suggests a gradual easing of restrictions, places special emphasis on opening schools and