After Life: Ricky Gervais continues to not be as funny as in The Office

The second series of the dark comedy won’t win back those who left the comedian behind two or three sitcoms ago I should probably preface this one by admitting that I think Ricky Gervais is funny. A weirdly divisive statement to make these days, and one I am about to caveat thoroughly, but I think that any review of Gervais’s work – and it is impossible to take Ricky Gervais (the concept) out of any show featuring Ricky Gervais (actor, writer, creator) – needs to state where you are, on him, as a person. So: The Office was a masterwork, I think his naughty-but-actually-not Golden Globes monologues are good and he tweets too much about rescuing dogs for my personal tastes but I know it comes from a place of sweetness. There. Now, to After Life (Netflix, from Friday 24 April), which is not for me. Again it feels necessary to set out a stall: I am one of those males who is irreparably damaged by watching The Office at a formative age. My speaking-voice intonation is Brentian. I can only talk to many of my