Federalism has become another casualty of Trump and the coronavirus | Andrew Gawthorpe

Democratic governors can’t rely on the president to protect citizens and Republican governors must act as lackeys of a monarch Many American institutions and traditions have been challenged in the era of Donald Trump. The latest is federalism, the idea that power should be shared between the federal government and the states. The president’s response to the coronavirus epidemic has had a curious impact, overturning the historical preferences of both parties. Put simply, coronavirus has meant federalism for Democrats who have been abandoned in the face of the pandemic, and slavish devotion to federal authority for Republicans. Federalism provides a logical way for the United States to respond to epidemics. States have the primary responsibility for their citizens’ health – about which they have the best information – but the federal government needs to take the lead in coordinating a national response. Supplies need to be sent where they are needed most, and measures like lockdowns have to be implemented and