Culture quiz: from Jurassic Park's raptors to Rihanna's Vogue shoot

Tests your arts knowledge with these questions from the Observer’s critics The line “I’ll have what she’s having!”, from When Harry Met Sally, ranks 33rd on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest movie quotes of all time. But who was the actor who delivered the line? Billy Crystal’s granny Writer Nora Ephron’s stepmother Director Rob Reiner’s mother The sound design team on Jurassic Park used what to create the terrifying noises made by the raptors? A recording of a pair of young raccoons fighting over a bagel The sound of tortoises mating The sound of fledgling crows calling for food, slowed down Coldplay singer Chris Martin appears as an extra in which British film? Shaun of the Dead, as a zombie Last Christmas, as a member of Covent Garden’s homeless community Notting Hill, as a bookshop customer Which artist owned an ocelot? Yves Tanguy Leonora Carrington Salvador Dalí Which of these artists did not own a dachsund? Picasso David Hockney René Magritte Which Mozart opera was Queen Elizabeth