'Last night I was James Bond': the vivid world of lockdown dreams

People are ‘living’ a richer and more detailed life in their sleep during the Covid-19 crisis, a research group has found Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage One person tried to stock up on broken biscuits at the supermarket with a couple of children’s TV presenters, only to be pursued by an angry mob. Another accidentally tore up all of the artist Jasper Johns ’s work, before being chased out of the exhibition by an enraged 80s dance troupe. A third climbed into a plane to escape a collapsing building, realised there was no pilot – and decided he could just hide in the toilet. These are just a few of the vivid dreams people have been having during lockdown, according to a research project by an independent group of postgraduate psychoanalysis students in London. The group, Lockdown Dreams , is asking people to fill in an online survey about the dreams they are having at the moment as part of a project to “collect” dreams and analyse how the Covid-19 crisis is being experienced