This crisis is stress testing the strengths and frailties of our national institutions | Andrew Rawnsley

The monarchy, the NHS, the BBC and the army are proving their worth to Britain. Parliament must now start doing its job • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage Crisis reveals character. Under the intense stress test imposed by the coronavirus, Britons are getting an education about themselves and the institutions that define their country. Some of the lessons are cheering, some are worrying and some are disturbing. Start at the very top. This country still looks to the Queen to be its comforting national figurehead, the anchor point in a sea of uncertainty. The job of monarch is nothing like as risky as that of a frontline health worker, a royal castle is not such a bad place to spend lockdown and she has had seven decades of practice to become pitch-perfect at being the reassuring great-grandmother of the nation. She does it extremely well. The Queen’s “we will meet again” broadcast , invoking wartime solidarity more subtly and authentically than politicians straining to channel