Michael Jordan's furious desire to conquer all still burns decades later

A superb new ESPN documentary series reminds us that everything in the NBA legend’s playing career was bent towards a single goal: winning Have we never seen Michael Jordan like this before, or is it simply that we forgot? Anyone who lived through the Chicago Bulls’ domination of the NBA during the 1990s – even, like me, as a kid – can probably still recall the broad outlines of Jordan’s talent, the qualities that made him such an exceptional athlete: the elasticity; the hang time; the spectacular dunks, ludicrous switch-hands layups, and clutch buzzer-beaters; the raw power. Jordan reigned at “the end of history” , in that curious decade between the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11, and for all his ability with a ball in his hand he’s always seemed a little remote, a little above it all. He was the perfect athlete, in a sense, for the decade that fancied itself post-political. In an era that thought it had figured it all out, Jordan was the player who actually had. And yet. As The Last Dance, the 10-part