Covid-19 has cruelly exposed American's inequalities. Now we need to come together

As an NBA player, I am proud the league has put the safety of players and fans first. During the downtime we can work on making a more just society Greetings to all who have come across this message. I wish this interaction was on better terms. A lot has changed within the US over the past few weeks and unfortunately it’s uncertain how much more will be essential to “flatten the curve” or lessen this vile pandemic. Misinformation is at a peak, and I can feel the collective restlessness increase as the days pass. You are not alone. It seems like the people responsible for conveying information all have different messages with separate agendas. From our local media to our governing officials all the way up to the man in the suit. In this most dire of times, there have been displays of dissidence, and controversy from our political elites, causing confusion among the public. If that last sentence applies to you, our frustrations are shared. With that being said, it is paramount that everyone remains calm. An