I am a prisoner in New York City. I am asking Governor Cuomo for compassion | Stanley Bellamy

The only way to combat Covid-19 is to begin releasing those of us who are most at risk of being harmed by and dying from the virus In my nearly 35 years of incarceration, I have never seen anything like the fear, uncertainty, and sense of doom caused by the introduction of Covid-19 into the prison environment. Not even the HIV/Aids and tuberculosis crises of the 1980s and 1990s caused this much hysteria and level of dread. With New York being the center of the virus in the United States, and correctional facilities being incubators for it, we are all terrified about being the next coronavirus victim behind bars. To prevent the spread of the virus, the state prison system closed all educational and vocational programs. Religious services were also suspended. Non-essential staff was told to stay home. The only places where there are still large gatherings are the mess hall and prison yards. Although I have personally stopped going to the mess hall to avoid large crowds due to my age, the reality is that because