Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 – Britain's young visionaries bite back

Leeds Art Gallery Trump is remixed, Boris is deterged and Cronenberg gets a queer revamp in this pick of the country’s graduating artists There is nothing new under the sun. Unless you’re an artist – and a student artist at that – overflowing with the inspiration that comes from days spent poring over the techniques of old masters and nights creating, shaping, thinking. To these fee-paying mavericks, everything is new. They ask questions. What happens if I reshoot David Cronenberg’s Crash from a queered perspective? What if I laser-cut newsprint plotting paper or stick yams in between mirrors or make an elderly man sit in a bag of compost and faeces while shouting “I think the fashion industry is a pile of shit”? All these questions – and hundreds of others – are investigated thoroughly in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition. Now in its 70th year, the touring exhibition (it will arrive at South London Gallery in December) showcases the creations of 45 graduating artists from programmes in the UK.