Never mind ‘tax raids’, Labour – just abolish private education | Owen Jones

As drivers of inequality, private schools are at the heart of Britain’s problems. Labour must be bold and radical on this The British class system is an organised racket. It concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the few, while 14 million Britons languish in poverty . If you are dim but have rich parents, a life of comfort, affluence and power is almost inevitable – while the bright but poor are systematically robbed of their potential . The well-to-do are all but guaranteed places at the top table of the media, law, politics, medicine, military, civil service and arts. As inequality grows, so too does the stranglehold of the rich over democracy. The wealthiest 1,000 can double their fortunes in the aftermath of financial calamity , while workers suffer the worst squeeze in wages since the Napoleonic wars . State support is lavished on rich vested interests – such as the banks responsible for Britain’s economic turmoil – but stripped from disabled and low-paid people. The powerful have less stressful