It Chapter Two: why its depiction of homophobic violence is actually a positive

The murder of a gay man in It Chapter Two brings real-life horror into the latest Stephen King adaptation. But the inclusion of violent discrimination doesn’t condone – it condemns Warning: this article contains plot spoilers ‘Meg Ryan called – she wants her wig back!” is the retort that precedes a brutal physical attack on a gay couple near the start of It Chapter Two .The film continues the adventures of Stephen King’s “Loser” outcasts, who battle the killer alien clown, Pennywise, and deal with the hate-filled attitudes of their townsfolk in Derry. The Meg Ryan quip comes from Adrian Mellon, the gay man who is beaten by homophobes before being murdered by Pennywise. King has confirmed that the character is based on Charlie Howard, an out gay man murdered in King’s home town of Bangor, Maine, in 1984 – who was targeted, in part, because he was wearing a flamboyant hat. By weaving the representation of an actual murder into his story, King suggests It’s horror results from the license some think they have to