Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing review – a tricksy trip into a slippery comic mind

Soho theatre, London The standup riffs on the oddness of memory in a show that takes in Danish queens, Welsh sex breaks and a late gutpunch Sofie Hagen’s last three shows – including her award-winning debut Bubblewrap – mined personal trauma for comedy. Which wasn’t quite as therapeutic as she’d hoped. So The Bumswing heralds a course correction: it’s “a fun show, a light show”, Hagen promises, about a “sex weekend” in south Wales. There certainly is fun on offer, and lightness too, even if the Danish comic’s opening manifesto is not to be taken entirely on trust. The fun is top-loaded: The Bumswing starts with tongue-in-cheek boasting about the relative virtues of the Danish and British queens. Hagen then tees up a running gag about decorous UK email etiquette, which yields reliable laughs throughout the show. The anecdote we’ve been promised – about her dirty Welsh weekend with an older man – never really gets going, partly because Hagen suffers from a patchy memory of that event and others. This imperfect