Tyrone Mings: ‘My best development came from enjoying my football’

The Aston Villa defender believes intensity can destroy the pleasure and has set up two academies based on this principle It is just before 6.30pm on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after England defeated Kosovo in an eight-goal thriller, and Harry Kane is refusing to give Tyrone Mings a moment’s peace on a five-a-side pitch in Birmingham. This Kane is so small, though, that he could almost run between Mings’s legs. “Incredible, isn’t it? He could have at least put a Mings shirt on!” the Aston Villa defender says, laughing about one of the youngsters at his new academy. Mings chuckles and shakes his head as he allows himself a moment to take in everything that has gone on during the last week. “To see people running around with Kane shirts on here … I’m still a Kane fan myself. He’s an England player and until I step on the pitch with him, I wouldn’t class myself as one. But they’re people I was in the changing room with last night; all week I’ve been training with, competing against and learning from them. I