Checking in: Riccardo Tisci on his new era at Burberry

The Italian designer - known for his streetwear nous - is now installed at Burberry. He talks trenchcoats, trans models and how to sell Britain’s biggest luxury brand in a post-Brexit world Read more from the autumn/winter 2019 edition of The Fashion , our biannual fashion supplement On the evening I interview Burberry ’s chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci , London has an atmosphere close to boiling point. A stone’s throw away from the brand’s HQ, Boris Johnson has just entered 10 Downing Street for the first time, to jeers from protesters. Anti-Brexit demonstrators roam Parliament Square. Commuters on their way home try to manage the late July heatwave, some with ice lollies, others with pints. Some have given up entirely and are just sitting on the pavement, totally frazzled. Frazzled is not a word that gets much use at the top of Burberry Towers. The rooftop is all members’ club discretion – bleached wood furniture, bowls of gigantic roses and perfectly chilled, iced sparkling water. The designer has